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4 Things You Need to Avoid When Decorating a One Bedroom Apartment

By in Lifestyle with 0 Comments Published: 7:34 am, January 2, 2019

So you finally get your own space and you’re so excited to live your most awaited independent life, but wait! What are you gonna do with that bare one bedroom apartment you just got?


Okay, don’t panic. You have a little bit of money for decorating but we can’t all be expert designers, and we don’t always have an interior designer best friend who can help us, can we? We get it. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do it right though. Here are tips on what you need to avoid when decorating a one bedroom apartment.


1. Ignoring scale and flow

Before getting all the furnitures you think will be perfect for your apartment, make sure that you’ve measured and planned them out. Sketch and scale out your space so you can draft a furniture plan. You wouldn’t wanna buy a kitchen table that’ll just block your fridge, or a couch that’ll block your walkway, would you?


Getting furnitures that are too big or too small can be avoided if you’ve measured and planned your layout nicely. Plus, you’ll be able to design it in a way that everything flows smoothly if it’s all laid out in your floor plan because you’ll be able to visualise it before breaking the bank for your space.

Once you have everything laid out, stick to the plan. Don’t just go crazy shopping for things you might end up not using. Besides, you can always top up later on if you still have space and room for more of the things you might need.


2. Cramming

We already know that your space is limited and you already have a floor plan drafted out so don’t just throw in every single thing you want in the corners of your space just because you want them.


If it doesn’t fit and it doesn’t look nice, forget it. Especially if you don’t need it. Forcing it in will just make your space look squished and then you’ll just end up wasting that space because it’s gonna be too tight to even be functional.


3. Not using a palette

Another mistake is being too bold or too bland when it comes to your walls and furniture. Although bold patterns and accent pieces are great, make sure you choose a palette or theme. The goal is to make the whole space feel cohesive. Don’t just throw in bits and pieces of whatever random thing you can find. Choose a flexible palette that will enable you to play with colors and patterns without making your space look like a paper mache scrap box.



4. Lights out

Lighting can make your apartment look bigger or smaller. It can also set the mood and feel of your space. You can layer with lights and lamps to make your space look brighter and more lively. Or you can choose to add mood lights and dimmers to make the area look warm, cozy and inviting.



Whichever technique you use to give each area of your space a desired effect is entirely up to you. But remember, proper lighting is crucial to every room so plan this accordingly. All the effort of lay-outing and decorating will be useless if you don’t have sufficient lighting.


How about getting on the desk and planning out your apartment layout? 




If you have any additional tips on what to avoid when decorating a one bedroom apartment, let us know.

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