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5 Surprising Perks of Living in a Studio Condo

By in Lifestyle with 0 Comments Published: 4:29 am, January 2, 2019

You know that penthouse you’ve been dreaming to own at the top floor of your condo building but just can’t afford yet? Don’t worry. You might not want to force it any time soon. You don’t need a huge unit if you’re not yet ready. Think of it this way, there are pros and cons to everything! Here are 5 surprising perks of living in a studio condo.


1. Decluttering

A lot of us are so stressed out with owning so many things but not knowing what to do with our stuff, or how to organize them. We end up hoarding these items up and then we forget about them in the back room. If you have a small space, you won’t have that back room.

You won’t have a lot of extra space in your condo so you will have to finally be pushed to declutter. It’s not so nice to look at when you see all the mess laying around when you enter your unit. And since everything can be seen when you stand in one corner of the room, you’ll be able to really pinpoint what you need and what you can do without.


2. Savings

This also means that you save tons of money. Think about it, having a studio condo means you need less stuff. You don’t have to buy a lot of furniture or decorations to fill up your space so you won’t break your bank. You also save money on electricity since you don’t need a lot of lights to brighten your unit or a lot of power for your air conditioner to make the area cooler. And when it comes to supplies, you’ll need less bleach or any other cleaning essentials. You save a lot of money each month so you’ll have more funds for vacations and outings.


3. More free time

Less cleaning and less responsibility. This means you won’t have too many rooms and areas to tidy up and dust or clean. You won’t have too many rooms to decorate or redecorate and repair. Having a studio unit means that you have a smaller space to maintain and so, you’ll spend less time making it look presentable and more time doing what you love to do.


4. Amenities

And of course, the best thing about having more time is being able to spend it using the amenities in your condo. Who doesn’t wanna enjoy an afternoon dip at the pool or a nice walk around the roof deck? It’s just not worth wasting them just because you spend too much time cleaning up your unit. After all, those amenities are one of the things you pay for, so why shouldn’t you enjoy them?


5. Community

You don’t have to go too far to watch people in the park or to meet strangers. If you want a breather or if you want to meet new people, you can just hang out at the common areas in your building. You’ll never know, you just might find your new best friend in the condo community. The best part is, you can do that without making too much effort. You can meet people in your comfy house clothes without being judged because the person you’ll meet will probably be in their comfy trousers too!


Having said all these, don’t you think living in a studio condo sounds pretty good? If you’re hesitant about it, let’s hope this gives you relief. If it doesn’t and you still wanna push for that penthouse, no problem! But at least now you can look on the bright side and not be too hard on yourself, right?

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