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Acienda: The Philippines’ First Designer Outlet Mall in Tagaytay

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Acienda: The Philippines’ First Designer Outlet Mall in Tagaytay

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A place is sometimes defined by the establishments you see in the area. You can say that it’s a good place to live if you have malls, schools and access to various places that are of great importance to our everyday lives. A lot of the times, this is the reason why people would want to live in a certain place.


You know what’s even more exciting? It’s having a “First of the Philippines” in area that is expected to bring in more business not just for the mall but also for the neighbouring establishments. Having all of that said, it’s safe to say that Tagaytay is booming, especially in the tourism and real estate industry, and it is expected to skyrocket as it will House the country’s first Designer Outlet Mall.


Designer Outlet

So what’s the difference between a regular mall and a Designer Outlet? Well, for starters, a regular mall carries the usual mix of everyday retail stuff. It can be a mix of popular brands and retail shops you might not have heard of. There’s nothing wrong with that but a Designer Outlet Mall is a chain of retail shops that offer popular fashion items at bargain prices. Think of all the OOTDs you can get for a very good price!


About Acienda

First of all, where is this place? Well, Acienda Designer Outlet is located along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay. If you’re looking for a landmark, that’s very near the Tagaytay Rotunda. You’ll know you’re already a Acienda when you see the Instagram-worthy 40-meter tall French windmill which is basically the main attraction of the mall.



Lots of space!

The Acienda Mall will have approximately 20,000 square meters of commercial space. That’s enough space for about 100 brands to put up their stores and another unique feature of the place is that, all those commercial spaces will be facing a landscaped and weatherproof pedestrian plaza.

The mall will also have around 25 restaurants, cafés and bars that are expected to open around a performance plaza, and the best part is that it will have provision for free parking spaces. That’s over 1,400 slots for you to use when visiting the place.

The mall will have everything from high-end fashion stores to sports shops, to gifts and affordable fashion shops. Imagine the number of people from various walks of life whose needs are all being catered to, visiting and shopping at Tagaytay’s newest go-to place and not to mention the foreign tourists it’ll attract! This is definitely good for Tagaytay’s economy.


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The future

The Designer Outlet Mall is expected to attract a huge chunk of the tourists that visits in Tagaytay. In fact, they are already identifying strategic locations for their second Outlet mall and the plan is to open that branch within the next three years!

Isn’t that great? Are you rooting for any particular shop to open in the Philippines’ First Designer Outlet Mall in Tagaytay? We’d love to hear what you think!

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