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Cathay Land Inc.

  • Develops residential, industrial, leisure, and commercial properties
  • Mid-market developer
  • Majority of landbank are in second tier cities
  • Sets the trend in developing cities
  • Architecturally Themed developments
  • 5-year 0% interest payment term


Astoria Boracay, South Forbes, and Astoria Plaza are only some of the most notable developments made by Cathay Land INC. This Mid-market developer is arguably one of the most versatile big-time real estate companies in the country for it specializes in developing residential, industrial, leisure, and commercial estates.

By working alongside numerous affiliates within the Cathay Group of Companies including Cathay Metal Corporation, Eurotiles Industrial Corporation, Pacific Steel Corporation, Federal Hardware, PC Express, and Ceramic Plaza, Cathay Land INC. is properly equipped with enough resources to build exceptional developments that are at par with global standards.

But perhaps the most notable feat about Cathay Land INC. is its ability to utilize its tasteful architecturally themed developments to continuously set real estate trends in second tier cities, effectively turning their developments into highly attractive investments.

Lastly, Cathay Land Inc. amiably offers the most flexible payment terms as opposed to competing real estate developers with their 5-year 0% interest payment terms that’s just ideal for modern real estate buyers and investors.

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