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How to sell condo units in the Philippines?

By in Real Estate 101 with 0 Comments Published: 9:52 am, January 8, 2019

Condos are hot commodities these days. They just fly off the shelf, one after another. Do you have a condo unit waiting for a new owner? Are you a broker or a unit owner? Here are some ways you can sell condos in the Philippines.


As a broker or as an agent?

First off, are you working for a company already or do you want to be a broker? Are these pre selling units or is it a unit that is owned and is just being sold to someone else?

If you’re working for a big real estate company then you probably have trainings and all the collaterals/marketing tools that you need. Flyers, list of prospects, and the works. In that case, you’ll just need the confidence to approach people and convince them to buy what you’re offering. If it’s a unit that you already own and want to sell it, you may start with posting ads.



The traditional way would be paying for a newspaper ad. Print media isn’t entirely dead yet but you’ll just have to admit that the newspaper reach and popularity have dramatically changed over the years. But don’t worry, there’s a faster, easier and digital way to do this.

Social Media has proven to be a very powerful tool. It not only has a wider reach but it can also be customisable, updated and used for business. Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms are available for you to explore. It gives you a chance to really showcase your property or business and reach people all around the world!

Online selling sites are also great tools to reach the market. There are already apps and sites that are made for sellers like, and to name a few. All you have to do is sign up, upload some photos, enter the property details with your contact number and you’re good to go!

You can process the papers or legal documents while waiting for a prospective buyer. Papers like the land title, tax declarations and the works. Naturally, buyers will be able to find your profile online so when you get a call or message, you may proceed with entertaining their questions. From time to time, you are to give your buyers house tours or property viewing aside from uploading a walk through on the social media account you set up. And when the client is ready to buy, this is the time for more legal documents to be processed.



If you don’t want to do the work and you don’t have the patience to upload and key in details, you can hire someone to sell your property for you. Brokers usually have prospects or connections and it’s what they normally do as a business. Of course, you’ll have to pay them for their services. Usually it’s 5% of the selling price but this is negotiable.

By now you probably looked online and tried to study the process and requirements to sell your property and you probably know by now too, that there’s a lot of paperwork and trips to government offices to be done before the ship can set sail. There’s the authentication of the documents, making sure it’s clear, and so on. Having a broker will not only lighten this load for you. They’ll also guide you and help you with every little thing related to the selling of your property.

Having a broker beside you also means that, aside from someone doing the leg work, you’ll also have someone guiding you through the process and legalities. In fact, your broker might have the connections that will help you dispose of your property faster than just posting it online and walking around clueless of the next step.


Being a broker

Thinking of getting into real estate? Some people get into real estate by selling other people’s condos for them. As a business, it might feel risky but then again, all businesses are risky one way or another.

The first step is joining a company that’ll allow you to become an agent. Get all the trainings and licenses you need to become a broker. Once you’re ready to set out, get your listings and prospects lined up and start making the calls.


Are there other ways you can sell condo units in the Philippines?

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