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Top 5 Townships You Should Watch Out For 2018

By in Developments with 0 Comments Published: 4:59 pm, April 6, 2018

Looking to get your hands on a valuable piece of property in the Philippines? Well, you’re in luck. The Philippine real estate industry is in the midst of an upward trend that guarantees the appreciation of property value for the next few years. However, not all kinds of properties are made the same. Some can triple in value within the next decade while others may not.

We know that there are a plethora of properties you can invest in right now, but the question here is, which ones will appreciate in value the most? If you are new to the Philippine real estate scene, you’ve come to the right place. In this short article, you’ll learn all about the best townships to invest in this 2018. Take a look at our list below and see where you should put your money at!


What Makes A Great Township?

First thing’s first, let us quickly define what makes a great township. If you’re doing your own research on real estate, it’s very important to have a set of standards that will help you determine which properties would give you the best returns and which ones would get you stuck in a rut.

One word that best defines a great township is proximity. Can you imagine living somewhere that’s hours away from malls, hospitals, or offices? We can’t either, that’s why we believe that a well-planned out township should offer a set of diverse township components including transport terminals, schools and institutions, business districts, and commercial centers.

Getting to these key establishments from your home should be no longer than a 20-minute drive. Speaking of drives, another essential thing that makes a great township is its accessibility. Sure it would be great if everything you need is less than half an hour away from your home, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t highly appreciate getting in and out of town with ease right? Remember, easy access to major roads and highways doesn’t only add convenience to property owners, but vastly increases their property’s value as well.


Key Factors That Increase Property Value

If you are looking to get an attractive ROI from your property investment, we suggest you take note of the following key factors that can make or break a property’s value.


Accessibility & Infrastructure

One thing that people often do is buy properties from underdeveloped or developing areas so that they can experience the huge gains over time. However, if the property is nowhere near any major roads or highways, you may end up with a dead beat piece of property that wouldn’t appreciate in value as expected. This is why it’s important to keep a lookout for upcoming infrastructures such as bridges, roads, and transportation systems.


Joint Ventures

Another thing to watch out for when it comes to property developments are partnerships between companies. One item in our list below is actually going to be developed by two prominent real estate developers. Just picture this, two companies using their resources to build and establish their properties, the end game here could definitely be high-value assets for buyers.


Business Friendly Masterplan

Like we mentioned above, one thing that makes for a great township is close proximity to business districts. Look at it this way, the more space there is for business establishments, the more demand there will be for the available residential space around them. And you know how simple economics go, where there’s demand, there’s a rise in supply value.

Top Townships You Should Watch Out For This 2018

  1. Park Links


Location: Pasig and Quezon City

Developed by:  Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) and Eton Properties Philippines, Inc. (EPPI)

One common misconception among property buyers is that high value appreciating property investments today can only be found down south. Don’t get fooled into thinking the same thing, especially when two of well-known property developments are currently building what may become the next Central Business District in the East.

Park Links serves as ALI’s flagship brand for waterfront living. The whole development sprawls in a 35-hectare estate that will soon be filled with open spaces and parks. The mixed-use estate shall offer its residents a 5-minute walk proximity to commercial centers and offices via well-managed and stylish walkway systems.

Aside from the joint venture between ALI and EPPI, easy accessibility via the C5 and the upcoming infrastructures including the C6 extension and the new 110-meter long bridge over the Marikina river that will link Quezon City and Pasig will certainly lead to an impressive growth in value for Park Links.

2. Evo City


Location: Kawit, Cavite

Developed By: Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) – Alveo Land

Cavite has grown to be an area that attracts plenty of property investors because of the new and upcoming infrastructures that have made it highly accessible from cities in the north and south. The upcoming Evo City by Ayala Land for one is sure to experience a large growth in value because of the ideal location that can easily turn it into the Connecting Business District in the south.

Evo City will lie in a 200-hectare estate at Kawit Cavite, only 5-Kilometers away from the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX), whereas 41-hectares will be dedicated to residential subdivisions by Alveo Land and 19-hectares will be turned into parks and open spaces in the form of plazas and parkettes. Being in a Central Business District, Evo City will offer a balance of low-rise residential developments as well as mid to high-rise commercial and institutional establishments.

With its advantageous location between north and south, diverse set of residential developments and township components, and upcoming infrastructures like the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAx), Evo City is definitely a township you should keep your eye on for the next few years.

3. Maple Grove


Location: General Trias, Cavite

Developed By: Megaworld

With Cavite quickly turning into a crowd favorite, Property giant Megaworld isn’t one to just leave the business opportunity to its competitors. Enter Maple Grove, Megaworld’s upcoming 140-hectare development that can soon turn out to be the go-to Industrial Business District in the south.

Maple Grove is a mixed-used estate located at General Trias Cavite. Within the next 10 years, the township will be filled with recreational and residential villages, schools, a Lifestyle Mall, and a total of 363 prime lots for businesses and companies who are looking for a foothold that’s highly accessible to the north and south. The prime lots will range from 360sqm up to 1,0008 sqm and will be surrounded by seven green and open parks.

Unlike the Central Business District of Makati, Maple Grove shall offer a greener environment to all its residents. It will even showcase green architecture through rooftop gardens as well as vertical and indoor gardens in some buildings. Plus, there will be a Central Park that will act as the “Green Jewel” within its commercial district.

With its fresh take on green architecture and with the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAx) completion in 2020, Maple Grove properties will definitely be able to get you that handsome ROI once lots are available for turnover in 2022.

4. Veritown


Location: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Developed By: Federal Land

The Philippine economy is currently experiencing an upward trend that continues to impress and attract foreign residents and investors. One area that has highly attracted property buyers for the recent years is Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Now it can be a bit tricky to secure a high-value growing property in BGC today, but if you keep your eyes open, you’ll see that there’s still an investment opportunity right around the corner, one developed by Federal Land to be exact.

Veritown is Federal Land’s take on a New York City lifestyle. The development will be placed at the north side of BGC and it shall bring an ingenious mixed-use township consisting of residential, commercial, business, and leisure establishments that can definitely make it as attractive as New York City itself.

The township will be home to a number of high-rise residences similar to the ones you will find in upper east side Manhattan. The residences namely, Park West, Madison Park West, Central Park West, and Times Square West will boast modern architecture that showcases world-class standards. Perhaps the main attraction in Veritown will be their “Big Apple Mall,” a commercial establishment that perfectly fits the sophisticated vibe of Veritown Fort.

However, even though a New York City lifestyle may seem like the main attractive point of Veritown, we argue that the upcoming infrastructures around the township including the Monorail, Mega Manila Subway, and the Pasig Sta. Monica Bridge is what will significantly add value to Veritown Fort properties. Another plus for Veritown’s value appreciation is Federal Land’s partnership with Hyatt. And rumor has it, and an upcoming partnership with Isetann.

5. West Side City


Location: Paranaque City

Developed By: Megaworld

Business, pleasure, or the business of pleasure is what often comes to our minds when properties around Paranaque City are being talked about. Being the booming entertainment sector in Metro Manila, Megaworld plans to add more fun to Paranaque City with their upcoming development, West Side City.

West Side City, which may soon become the Entertainment Business District in Metro Manila will be developed over a 31-hectare estate that it set to be completed by the last quarter of 2020. The township is said to house the second Resorts World Property in the country as well as a number of high-end condominiums along with international hotel brands including Kingsford Hotel, Genting Grand, Crockfords Tower (Genting Group), Okura Hotels & Resorts, and The Westin Hotel of Starwood Asia Pacific Hotel & Resorts Group.

If a number of high-end hotels surrounding the township aren’t enough to convince anybody of West Side City’s imminent value appreciation, upcoming infrastructures like the Taguig Integrated Terminal Exchange (ITx), the LRT 1 (which will be directly connected to the airport), and a new transport terminal bound for southwest areas will certainly be enough to make anyone see how much of a good investment West Side City properties would be.

The Bottomline

There are plenty of upcoming property developments you could invest in the PH, the key to finding out which ones you should put your money on is keeping yourself updated on the latest Real Estate news.

Remember to take note of the different factors that can make or break a certain township before you spend all your hard earned money on a piece of property.

Have any properties you’re not sure about? Or want to find out more about Philippine Real Estate? Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below or take a quick look around our site!

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