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Who Are The Top Real Estate Developers in The Philippines?

By in Developments with 0 Comments Published: 4:44 pm, August 7, 2018

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Have you ever stopped and wondered who the Top Real Estate Developers in the Philippines are? I mean, every day, we go to shopping centers, we go in and out our residences or condos and maybe even work in infrastructures built by those very same developers. From time to time, we get days off and we get to stay in luxury hotels or resorts and visit casinos, or we go out of our way to check out so many popular places, not even knowing that those familiar places were also built by those developers. Sometimes, the very same developers who built your home might even be the same group who built a big chunk of the concrete jungle we live in.


These real estate developers have unknowingly been a staple in our everyday lives. Most of them also topped the list of condominium and residential community developers so let’s take a few minutes to get to know them. Here’s a short list of the Top Real Estate Developers in the country.


AyalaLand, Inc.

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They are one of the largest Real Estate development company and they have been “Crafting Communities Where You Flourish” since 1834. We’ve all been to at least one of the Ayala Malls and we’ve probably been “wowed” once or twice so we know that they’re all about luxury. But if you’ve heard about their newer projects, you’ll notice that aside from developing luxurious establishments or infrastructures, you can also commend their eco-efficiency. Their greener approach has been evident in a lot of their properties for years and they’re not stopping there. Afterall, their vision is to enhance land and enrich lives of more Filipinos.


Robinsons Land

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We’ve seen branches of Robinsons Malls and all over the country so we’re all pretty familiar with Robinsons Land Corporation. Aside from malls and budget-friendly hotels, they have developed high-end hotels, commercial spaces, and luxury homes. Whether you want “pampered living, your way” or “city living done right,” they have it because they are committed to developing vibrant, delightful and lasting live-work-play environments for new opportunities and a better life. They are also present in foreign soil like Japan.


SM Development Corp.

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We all know the story of how Shoemart came to be and we all probably have an idea of the rags to riches story so you have to admit that this multi-faceted company has gone a long way. And they will continue to build innovative and integrated property developments to serve the needs and aspirations of their customers. SM is one of the largest integrated property developers in Southeast Asia that offers innovative and sustainable lifestyle cities. Aside from malls and residential projects, they’re also expanding with projects overseas.


There are a lot of other well-known Real Estate Developers in the Country. These are just to name a few. If you noticed, the developers on the list are almost the same from the list of the Top Condo Developers in the Philippines we’ve published. If you wanna check that out, click this link right here(link).

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