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Why Budding Families are Moving to Cavite

By in Real Estate News with 0 Comments Published: 7:18 am, January 7, 2019

Cavite has been making noise in the real estate market lately. With many real estate developers putting up affordable housing and various commercial establishments arising in the area, why wouldn’t you go for a property in Cavite?


Economic Zone

Aside from Cavite becoming a melting pot for residential areas, the local government of Cavite is planning to build their very own business district. The goal is to achieve something similar to Bonifacio Global City in order to help desaturate the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. And why wouldn’t it work? Cavite has a huge pool of manpower and businesses are looking to invest.


Less congested

We just mentioned Manila being congested and it is because people from other regions go to Manila to find better jobs and bigger opportunities. Cavite isn’t as big as Makati or other financial centers so there’s less people, less traffic and less pollution. But this doesn’t mean that there is nothing in store for you there. Like previously mentioned, the future of Cavite is very bright when it comes to employment and businesses making it perfect for budding families to move there and grow with the province.



The modern family isn’t just about work and home or malling and shopping(which Cavite has if you’re into that). These days, families are more adventurous and outgoing. You most likely have several travel goals and things to check out of your bucket list, right? Well, Cavite is perfect because it caters to all sorts of people. Visit some of its many historical places like the Aguinaldo Shrine or climb Mt. Pico de Loro. If you love the summer vibe, how about Ternate Beach or the Balite Falls? These are only a few of the travel destinations in Cavite. You won’t be surprised so find more.


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